Creating a Popup

Creating a Popup

Creating a popup with Exit Mist is pretty straight forward and simple once you are registered and logged in:

  1. Click on "Create new popup" button in the top-right corner of the dashboard,
  2. Enter the website url,
  3. Choose a popup type and click "Create".

Popup Types

Exit Mist supports 3 most common popup types:

  • Image popup,
  • Optin popup and
  • 2-Step popup.

Image popup consists of only a screen, which can be communicating a message or a promotion, and normally when certain area is clicked - user is taken to a specific page or the popup is closed.

Optin popup supports the optin form with predefined (name and email) and also custom input fields.

2-Step popup is basically an image popup with an optin popup on the second slide. It's a new approach in popups, which enables better conversion by providing user with a micro-commitment on the first step where user is asked if he wants to sign up for something.

Editing a popup

After you create a new popup or you click on a "pencil" (edit) icon, you are taken to a popup editor. Popup editor makes it easy to preview and customize the popup. The most important thing to get popup working is to:

  1. Upload the design or multiple designs (if you have multiple slides - eg. using 2-step popup),
  2. Set up actions,
  3. Set up input fields (only on optin and 2-step popups)

One great thing about Exit Mist is that it uses images as popup designs. This way you can easily design your own template that you can use for the popup.

We recommend using same size photos on all slides. Its better to provide at least 700px width images and resize them down a slightly more so they render nicely on retina screens.