Integrating with Email Service

Exit Mist can be integrated with any email service through the form integration.

Out of the box we also support API integrations with the following services:

  • Mailchimp,
  • GetResponse,
  • Aweber

Integrating with Mailchimp and Aweber

To integrate Exit Mist with Mailchimp and Aweber follow the next steps:

  1. Click "Integrations" from the top-right navigation menu,
  2. Click "New Integration" and choose your provider,
  3. A new popup will be opened, in which you have to enter your account's credentials and login.

If everything goes well, a new integration should appear on the list.

Now the last thing you have to do it set the added integration to a specific popup:

  1. Go to a popup you want to integrate, and click on "Edit" action,
  2. In the popup editor, open the "Integrations" tab,
  3. Choose "API integration" and select the list you want to use and click "Save".

It's important to note that if you preview popup from the dashboard, submission of leads won't work as Exit Mist will prevent submissions by you as an administrator.

Integrating with GetResponse

Integrating with GetResponse is almost the same as with Mailchimp and Aweber, except that on the 3rd step you have to enter your GetResponse API key.

You can find your API key in you account by going to: My Account › Account Details › Use GetResponse API

To find our more information, click here.

Integrating with other services

It's possible to integrate Exit Mist using any other service, which supports creating sign up forms. The integration is done via "form integration". There are 2 ways to do it, but both follow the same configuration:

  • Simple form integration (directly from the popup),
  • Creating a new form integration (from the integrations)

The difference between these 2 modes is that making a simple form integration directly from the popup will render HTML form tags directly in the popup, and creating a form integration will integrate it so that Exit Mist will submit subscribers to your configured form in the backend (invisible to the user).

If you don't know what those 2 differences are, we would recommend using the first option.

To set up a form integration, follow the next steps:

  1. Create a HTML sign up with your email provider,
  2. Go to popup editor,
  3. Copy-paste the code into "Form HTML" under the "Integrations" tab when "Simple form integration" is enabled.

Exit Mist will try to parse the HTML form and read name and email input fields, but sometimes its impossible to do that, so you will have to do it yourself. This is pretty easy: you just have to look into the HTML, see which input field is form the email and enter the name attribute's value to the email field. The same you should do for the user's name (if there's no field for that, just leave it as it is).